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SXSW is bringing one of the biggest weeks in music back to Austin, TX.

If you want in on free shows, free food, and free booze, here’s 6 secrets you’ll need to survive SXSW.

6. Prioritize your time.

From morning to night, there’s showcases all damn day. The most popular venues with major artists performing will hit capacity early. Once venues hit capacity, your chances to get in are usually slim to none. If a line is super long, consider moving onto the next venue or you’ll spend half your SXSW waiting in lines.

5. Go discover new artists.

Don’t be basic and see the same artists that you always see. Absorb yourself in the real SXSW experience by going to see a variety of artists even if you’ve heard of them.

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4. Visit random themed pop-ups. 

Two of the most lit pop-ups we’ve found include a real Los Pollos Hermanos Pop Up restaurant from the hit show Breaking Bad and a pop-up beachso people can actually surf…in the middle of Downtown Austin.

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3. Walking will get you a long way. 

Instead of spending money on ride shares apps, waiting in traffic, and wasting time, just walk. Many of the music venues are close to each other (plus you’ll see way more crazy sh*t on the streets walking).

2. Stay on social media! 

There is NO better way to keep up with SXSW than on social media. From wait times to surprise guests & more, social will be your best friend helping you navigate SXSW. Follow @979TheBox for SXSW updates.

1. The most basic key to success, just go to different sh*t and get lit. Enjoy your SXSW.

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