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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, so we want you to be prepared for ANY situation with these tips.

We’ve handpicked the most common scenarios and provided you with some possible solutions.

When you get asked to help prepare the food: 

It’s the season of giving, use this as family bonding time.

When the macaroni comes out: 

Pace yourself fam it’s a marathon not a sprint.

When there’s no Patti Pies:

When there are Patti Pies:

When somebody’s food is not good:

Don’t go all Tyra on em’, just push all the food to one tiny section so it looks like you ate most of it.

When someone asks who’s washing dishes:

No comment on this one actually.

When you’re confused about what to wear:

Sweaters, your freshest kicks, tights, flannels, boots, and anything fall fashion forward.

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