Check out our own narrative of Jay Z’s 46th birthday story in 18 gifs!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, so we want you to be prepared for ANY situation with these tips. We’ve handpicked the most common scenarios and provided you with some possible solutions. When you get asked to help prepare the food:  It’s the season of giving, use this as family bonding time. When the macaroni comes out:  Pace yourself […]

The world is going to sh*t. Social media has become a way of life for millions of 20 and 30-somethings across the world. And while 20-somethings yell “do it for the Vine” or “say what’s up to Snapchat,” social media sharing has gone too far – way too far. Recently, two young millennials made headlines […]

Black Music Month

YMCMB just premiered the new video to “Senile” from their “Rise Of An Empire” compilation which was released on March 11th. The video, directed by…


In honor of Baby Blue’s 2nd Birthday, we’ve got some of the best gif’s of her here! Check ’em out: