On Thursday night, two comedians/actors D.L. Hughley and George Lopez decided to get a tattoo to honor their late brother Charlie Murphy The pair decided to hit up Fun City Tattoo in New York City to get Charlie Murphy’s infamous nickname “#Darkness” on themselves. We know that #Darkness is from the “True Hollywood Stories” espoused that was […]

Amber Rose dealt with her relationship issues just like any other bad b*tch would.

A New Zealand artist named Benjamin Lloyd recently put on his Facebook page that if he received 50 likes for a picture that showed his work that he would give temporary tattoos to children who are patients at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital. Benjamin Lloyd art collection added 2 new photos. May 22 · Nothing brings me more joy […]

Since taking his talents to the West Coast, it looks like the Golden State Warriors star is fully embracing the California lifestyle, because he just got a huge tattoo of Tupac on his leg.

Have you ever gotten tatted and later regret it? Just in case you’re one of the people in the world who would answer yes to that, than you’re in luck to this new ink that’s out. Ephemeral is a company that is developing a new ink that is supposed break down in a year’s time. This […]

The other day we saw the picture that Paris Jackson shared on her IG page of her tribute tattoo to her late dad, Michael Jackson. The tattoo is a popular tat concept, it’s sweet and simple… that a tat is in MJ’s handwriting to Paris that says, “Queen of My Heart.” dermagraphinkParis Michael Jackson got […]

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson gets inked up in honor of her father. The customized tattoo says “Queen of My Heart” and is uniquely in Michael Jackson’s handwriting. The caption of her Instagram picture reads, “Queen of my Heart” in his handwriting. To everyone else he was the King of Pop. To me, well, he was the […]

So far there have been over 5,000 posts to #BlacChynaSharpie and since she's following everyone back who does it, there's no telling how many more followers she's racking in.

Yesterday Blac Chyna debuted her newest tattoo on Instagram. The tattoo on her hand says “Future” which made the internet go crazy, assuming she’s already got her new man’s name on inked on her. Blac Chyna’s caption also really cleared things up as she wrote “Thought it was a drought” which is one of Future’s most […]

YG's head tattoo pic.twitter.com/aKzluWRfC6 — $co (@CiscoSavage) October 19, 2015 We’ve seen a ton of head tattoos in our days of keeping up with hip hop, and now it looks like YG is next up. The My Krazy Life rapper appears to have gotten some new ink, after a photo of that appears to be him sporting […]