This morning the NFL notified the Dallas Cowboys running back that he was suspended for six-regular games for the 2017 season. Ezekiel Elliott’s six games suspension is due to a hi violation of the leagues personal conduct policy. Ezekiel has been under a year long investigation by the league due to domestic violence accusations made […]

On Saturday, the LSU Tigers lost against the Wisconsin Badgers when LSU’s quarterback Brandon Harris threw an interception to the Badger’s cornerback, D’Cota Dixon to upset a win over the Tigers. LSU’s offensive tackle Josh Boutte took an illegal after play hit on D’Cota Dixon while he celebrating his interception It’s no surprise that Boutte […]

A seventh-grade student in Virginia was told he must cut his dreadlocks in order to remain in his private school.

According to TMZ, ESPN says Steven A. Smith will not appear on his show “First Take” or on ESPN Radio for a week. This is happening…

A middle school teacher in Boynton Beach, FL has been suspended for three days after assigning explicit song lyrics from Lil Wayne’s song “Six Foot Seven Foot” as homework to her students. Students were told to underline examples of figurative language such as similes, hyperberboles, metaphors and personification. From The sheet of paper has […]

The hammer has fallen on Alex Rodriguez, but it’s not a lifetime ban. The New York Yankees third baseman has been suspended by Major League Baseball for the rest of the 2013 season and all of the 2014 season.   Source

Apparently, “YOLO” is still a thing. The acronym for a You Only Live Once got a Texas high school student suspended when he wrote it on an exam and tweeted the evidence to friends and school administrators.Kyron Birdine, a junior at Arlington High School, came home with a lesson he won’t soon forget: Don’t mess with the STAAR test. […]

Nobody ever wants to be the kid at school who gets in trouble and has to be picked up by their mother. But is it…