Luellen told the officers that he actually had a concealed weapons permit card for the guns, but a records check showed that too had been suspended for unknown reasons.

After the duo broke the news online, Southside took to Instagram to shut down rumors before they began by making it plain to fans that he has no interest in slandering the mother of his daughter.

Listen to Lil Keke and The Suffers rendition of the H-Town classic “Southside 2K Live” below:

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I admire the fact that Lloyd is staying “Tru” to himself on this new single/video. He’s not being super flashy and he’s stripping himself down to show us who he really is. We need more messages like this in the entertainment world. Stop putting on in hopes of being apart of the “in” crowd. Stay […]


The weather has taken a turn for the better in the past couple of days and most people have been enjoying the sun but not residents on the Southside of Chicago. In just a matter of two days a total of 41 people have been shot, which includes 4 deaths, in 31 different incidents. “Between […]