According to Ian Rapoport, the Texans are signing the 27-year old quarterback, Matt McGloin after losing DeShaun Watson to a seasoning ending ACL injury. During his college days, McGloin played for the Texans head coach Bill O’Brien at Penn State where he was the starter player. In 2013, he signed with the Oakland Raiders as […]

Rob Kardashian blasts Blac Chyna for allegedly cheating on him. Sign Up For Our Newsletter: According to Rob‘s Instagram, Chyna sent him a video of herself…kissing another man…after claims the two had just had sex. Rob Kardashian captioned the pic “Come spend time with your daughter instead of f*cking me and then this dude right […]

They say you're nobody in the music industry unless you get hit with the gay rumors – and Young Thug has definitely had his fair share of them.

I just bought an iPhone 7. SOOOOO if this iPhone 8 is about to drop, I’m automatically mad. LOL! They usually spread it out for a year and a half or so. This is just this persons concept of what it should look like. Enjoy! Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox / Kiotti […]

Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta have been Black love goals for decades – but rumors are swirling that their relationship may not be so picture perfect.

Look at the face Michael Phelps is making. That’s the “I know my friend is lying, but I’m going to see how this plays out” face. LOL! I’m a “tell the truth” kind of guy. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why US Olympian Ryan Lochte would just make a whole lie up. […]

Mrs. Brown took to her Instagram to address the cheating claims.

People left nasty comments under the playful photo, accusing Moore of being gay and in the closet.

It's apparently over for Kylie Jenner and Tyga. According to reports, the couple has decided to call it quits and this time, it's for good.

One of my listeners called me and damn near cursed me out asking why do we support Fetty Wap. Apparently, in the beginning of 679 he says “I’m a Devil Worshipper.” It does sound like it right!? And for a couple days I was soon disappointed in the rapper to the point where I knelt […]