In the new episode, London discusses the struggle of saying no, issues with co-dependency, anxiety, and more.

. In a recent interview, Hart shared that discussing the details of the affair with his daughter was a difficult moment but also an effective learning lesson as well.

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By now, plenty of you have seen Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith's instantly infamous Red Table Talk where she revealed her and August Alsina were indeed in an entanglement. The sensitivity of the topic, which has now been shared with the world, didn't stop 50 Cent from trolling Will.

One of the definitions of entanglement read "a complicated or compromising relationship or situation" and it seems to be the word to best describe the interconnection with the two.

Snoop Dogg received both praise and criticism after he had some choice words for veteran news anchor Gayle King while seemingly issuing a violent threat. Jada Pinkett Smith checked the California rapper for his comments as part of a larger conversation on an upcoming Red Table Talk episode. In a trailer for the clip released […]

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T.I. kicked over and stomped on a hornet’s nest when he boasted about taking his daughter to the gynecologist to essentially conduct a hymen check on her virginity. While the slander has been extensive, the Atlanta rapper has been silent ever since, until now. Tip and his wife Tiny hit up Jada Pinkett’s Red Table […]

Like Kirk Franklin and Terry Crews before her, Jada Pinkett Smith is opening up about an issue she once had with pornography. In a new episode of her wildly popular Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk, the Girls Trip star discussed the topic with her mother, Adrienne Bamford Norris and her daughter, Willow. “Oh, Jesus,” Jada told Willow after the Smith daughter revealed […]

The Women of the Curry Family appeared on Red Table Talk on Monday and Ayesha Curry immediately became a lightning rod for her comments saying that she had insecurities regarding her husband being desirable to women and she wasn’t receiving that same attention. Is she wrong for saying that? The Madd Hatta Morning Show weighs […]

“Take your medicine and tell your truth.” Jordyn Woods‘s family ties are more than just being a best friend to Kylie Jenner. Before she was even born, her father and Will Smith became friends as he worked on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In the wake of the scandal that occurred between her, Tristan Thompson […]