This isn’t your typical story about a Cathoic Priest that sexually assaulted a young boy kind of case. This case is about a priest who was accused of sexually assaulting another priest. It happened in Michigan when the Rev. Sylvestre Obwaka took a visiting priest out drinking when this priest was visiting his parish and […]

The Independent reports that Father Jude McPeak, a Dominican Friar and member of the St Paul's Catholic Church network in Bloomington, was on his way to get some frozen yogurt when he was mistaken for a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Former botanist Max Gesner Beauvoir, a leader of the Haitian religion popularly known as Vodou, has died.


via: Police broke up a fight among priests and monks with broomsticks at the annual cleaning of the Church of the Nativity. See More