On Sunday, just hours before the Raiders hosted the New England Patriots in Mexico City, the NFL and the Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism made an announcement of an agreement to play more NFL in Mexico. The two said that the agreement is to play three regular-season games in Mexico from 2019 to 2021. The current agreement […]

Ok, Fantasy Footballers, it looks like the Minnesota Vikings aren’t ready for Teddy Bridgewater to return as their starter quarterback yet because Case Keenum is starting on Sunday again. Earlier today, the Vikings Coach, Mike Zimmer, announced that he was going to keep UofH star Case Keenum as his starter quarterback for another game. It really is no surprise […]

Ok Texans, here’s another quarterback trying to help you out of the rut you’re in since losing a few key players for the 2017 season. “Deshaun’s an incredible player with a really bright future,” RG3 told John McClain. “I feel like I could help him after my experiences with Washington and Cleveland. I feel like […]

It was Sunday morning around 4 am according to the San Francisco’s 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin when his pregnant wife was taken to the hospital to prematurely deliver their baby. On Monday the Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan said, “I know Marquise was hurting bad, real bad, and he will for a while and […]

The Houston Texans are on their third or fourth quarterback for this week alone… just adding to the list of quarterbacks the team has signed since 2002. Yesterday the Texans announced that they signed quarterback Josh Johnson and released Matt McGloin. Johnson, 31, was last with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2013 and hasn’t thrown a […]

Miko Grimes, one of the ladies from Baller Wives is back at it again giving her two-cents about things that don’t involve her. Today the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes’ wife was shooting her mouth off in an interview when she made claims that the Oakland Raiders O-Line purposely allowed their quarterback Derek Carr to […]

It looks like the Texans players aren’t sharing some of their fans feelings about the Duane Brown trade to Seattle. You’ve seen these feelings that some fans have shared on social media with a good riddance to Brown. Last weekend we saw the Texans battle it out on the field against the Seahawks and lose […]

Here is another person who doesn’t understand what the NFL players are protesting for. He didn’t directly say the NFL Commissioner’s name, but Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter threw blame at the leagues’s “leadership” for the drop in ratings and his declining numbers in sales. WDRB.com says that, Papa John’s shares are down about 23 […]

During Thursday Night Football the Miami Dolphins played a shut-out game against the winning Baltimore Ravens who ended their game with 40-pts (and in their last game against each other, the Ravens won with 78-6), and maybe a lot of frustration. The Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco was sent out of the game for concussion protocol […]

This is exclusive news with little detail to it, but we know that the former quarterback Colin Kaepernick has landed a million dollar book deal with Random House imprint One World. One World Imprint was started last year and is head up by famous publisher Chris Jackson, the one who also published Jay-Z and Ta-Nehisi […]

The Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive end Chris Long was originally donating six game paychecks to provide education for students in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, but now he’s decided to give the rest of this year’s salary instead. “My wife and I have been passionate about education being a gateway for upward mobility and equality,” Long […]

His trading deadline is October 31st, but the possibilities of him being traded are looking like it’s not happening and frankly, when you take into consideration what the O-Line looks like, that’s good for the Texans team. Today, the Texans left tackle Duane Brown, #76, returned after his hold out ends. “I’m just ready to […]