As you may already know, history was made this year for the Houston Texans. Not only, are they guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, they won the title of division champs, as well!! Unfortunately, the past two games were a bit of a blur, and aside from that we were lacking our defensive coordinator, Wade […]

I think we can all agree that Justin is the “bestest” friend that anyone can have!  Bump a gift card, cash, or flowers; Bieber gave his best friend a Mustang convertible for Christmas!!!! WTH??!! FULL STORY

Tis the season of givng, eating, and sipping great drinks with friendS and family! I found this great recipe for an eggnog cocktail made from scratch and spiced with some rum. I hope you enjoy!! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas! Ingredients: •1 large grade AA egg, separated •2 tsp superfine sugar •1 oz heavy cream […]

Am I the only one irritated when the complimentary service individuals in public restrooms, at nightclubs, take all of the paper towels out of the paper towel dispenser??  I’m honestly a little offended they feel my motor skills won’t allow me to reach, grab a towel, and dry my own hands in one smooth movement. […]

I haven’t been to big on the “Real Housewives” epidemic but I did recently start watching “Basketball Wives” this season. I still don’t grasp the concept of only one of the women being married to an actual NBA player on the show, but I will say it can be entertaining. Draya has definitely made an […]

After a local family experienced a tramatic event of their grocery cart breaking and thrusting their infant into the concrete, they have decided to take legal action towards Walmart. Follow Me –> @Michele979 FULL STORY

The newest drinking game doesn’t involve a keg, cards, nor bong; it involves taking “shots” of alcohol through the eye. The fad picked up on youtube over a year ago, and now there are thousands of videos that have been posted through youtube & facebook, with teens consuming alcohol through their “eyeballs.”  Their reasoning for […]

Today has been a horrible day for Rick Ross.  He suffered, not one, but two seizures while traveling to Memphis, TN, and now we are waiting to hear word on his condition.  These were the last words Ricky Rozay posted before boarding the plane earlier today.

17 year old Courtney Stodden, who became famous for marrying 51 year old actor Doug Huchinsonin, has yet again, been blocked from facebook.  Although, she said she never posted explicit photos with nudity, facebook took the model/actress’  fan page down for inappropriate activity.  Courtney’s mom says the only reason they keep taking her daughter’s page down […]

In yesterday’s game against the Oakland Raiders, Mario Williams was taken out before half time because of a torn pectoral muscle. The defensive lineman will need surgery, and the average recovery time is at least a year. I just hope that Texans can still pull off the season, and not do a repeat of last […]

A Museum was just opened in Arnold’s hometown in honor of his legacy and he will forever be immortalized by his own life sized statue. FULL STORY FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER—–> @MICHELE979

Now you know they couldn’t stay away for long.  Everyone knows we have to see every wedding, birth, and dispute between the infamous Kardashians and it’s time to keep the party going…lol Don’t miss the 2 day event of Kim K’s “FairyTale” wedding… JUICY DETAILS