THANK YOU, FRANK OCEAN! This guy is brave for continuing to use his platform to speak out on a very controversial issue in Hip Hop (or the urban world in general). I’ve said countless times that African-Americans seem like the last people to accept the LGBT community. What frustrates me is the fact that we […]

Cardi B was undoubtedly the most charismatic internet sensation of 2015, and her following is only increasing in the New Year.

A 5-year-old California girl has been barred from attending her Christian elementary school all because her parents are a lesbian couple.


Oh, baby. Yesterday, WNBA phenom Brittney Griner filed papers to annul her month-old marriage to Glory Johnson. Less than two days ago, Johnson announced that…

I had to call on the Lord’s name after watching the trailer for Mo’Nique’s new movie “Blackbird,” because it looks soon good! It’s amazing to see a woman who has cracked us up for years, broaden her brand by branching out into the acting world…and making some amazing choices while doing that! This Oscar award […]

I don’t think Fox’s Empire is as great as my instagram timeline was pumping it up to be, but I will be staying tuned to see how the story progresses. One thing I did admire about the show is the reality of how homosexuality is viewed in hip hop and the urban community. It’s going […]

Warning: This video is 22 minutes long, but it’s worth every minute. If you have a short attention span, fast forward to 19:03 for the…

Earlier this week, Aaron Pace was denied the ability to donate blood in Indiana on account of the fact that he looked like a homosexual.  Apparently, after he entered the blood bank and went through the interviewing process to be a blood donor, he was rejected as a candidate because his looks and manurisms were deemed “gay […]