A high school in California is facing backlash for one of their lesson plans that was created to reenact slavery with the students. At Whitney High School, the eighth grade students were personally involved in the slavery reenactment activity… The students had their hands bound with masking tape and they were the slaves and the […]

It’s was just two weeks since the people of Rockport, Texas lost their homes to Hurricane Harvey, but that wasn’t going to stop the football team at Rockport-Fulton from playing the sport they love. The team doesn’t have a school to attend or a football field to play on, but the Pirates coach, Jay Seibert […]

https://twitter.com/paula_goodgame/status/847084559292387329 17-year-old Paula Goodgame‘s memories of her junior prom will be full of sadness and rejection after the school banned her from bringing her girlfriend as her date to prom. On Wednesday, Goodgame took Twitter to open up about the incident, that has since gone viral, sharing the disappointing news that her school wouldn’t allow her […]


In another tale of a group of White people having no tact, a prom proposal was layered with racism thanks to a group of teens posing with a sign that has sparked outrage. The teenagers, who allegedly attend Monarch High School in Florida, posed for a photo where the two White girls stand with a Black girl […]

Fifteen-year-old Micah Speed and his mother are not happy that a video of the teen being attacked has gone viral. The video posted on Instagram appears to show an altercation between Speed and another student at Wake Forest High School on Friday. You can see one student pulling down another student from behind multiple times […]

On Tuesday the students at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio received a surprise when they arrived to school in the morning. One of their fellow classmates decided that no one was going to be without a Valentine this year so they decided to make origami hearts for each kid in their school. We say she […]

A group of Missouri high school students, mostly rocking cowboy hats, turned their backs and displayed a Donald Trump sign as the starting roster for a mostly Black basketball team was announced.

Ashton Brooks isn't here for anyone comparing her to a gorilla.

The president of the Mississippi chapter of the NAACP is calling for a federal hate crime investigation into an incident in which he claims a noose was placed around the neck of a Black high school football player.

The school staff only asked Black students to sign the “Keepin’ it 100” pledge to be better students.

It happened in Euclid, Ohio, when one of the high school’s football players died just two days after sustaining an injury during the game. The student was a 17-year old junior named Andre Jackson and Andre played full back and outside linebacker for the school’s football team. Last Friday, Andre was played in the game against The Solon High School Comets when his fatal incident […]