Happy New Year

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Nobody seemed to believe me when I said I was gonna be in my PJs by 7pm tonight! Lol! Made my little peach sherbet mimosa and got my blanky…now I’m ready to bring in the New Year! Goodbye 2014. ✌️ Seeing my close friends that I haven’t seen in forever was the highlight of my […]

Houston, we made it!!! Happy 2015!!! One thing I believe in, is giving. I know most of the time you give, you have no idea what people do with your money. Mush less your time, advice, love, etc. You just never know when your good deed, will be a blessing to someone else. This video […]

WOAH! Talk about perfect timing; just when the city of Houston was claiming 2014 to be the year of dope new things, Track Whippaz dropped something special on “Da First Of The Month,” just in time for the New Year! I’m feeling every track on this EP and it’s currently on repeat. If this tape […]

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Via Parade.Com Wanna Know How You Could Save $9,000 In 2014!? We’ve Got 5 Of The EASIEST Ways To Help You Meet That Goal. Check em out: Plan your trips, drive smarter or hitch a ride and save atleast 900 dollars. SAVE $1,400 by trading in disposable water bottles for a reusable one. Stop eating […]

One of the best New Year’s traditions in hip-hop continues as Skillz drops the rap-up of 2011. Everything from Schwarzenegger bangin his maid and Lil Wayne’s jeggings to Kardashian’s wedding and Occupy Wall Street get included in the recap. (props to Nahright) http://hulkshare.com/embed_mp3.php?id=5401839&type=4 Available on iTunes. RELATED POSTS: Tupac Dedicated “Keep Your Head Up” To […]

LOOK AT ME NOW. One of the biggest hip hop songs of the year also holds the title of my “End of the Year” blog. Although, it isn’t meant to point out the amount of “paper” I am making, it does give a clear reflection of where I have been and where I am at […]

The staff at Hello Beautiful would like to wish all our readers a happy and safe New Year’s. See you in 2011.

The staff at 97.9 KBXX would like to wish all of our readers and listeners a happy and safe New Year's. See you in 2010!