We’re on the border line of cuffing season and a lot of us are struggling with finding the right one to tie down. Or maybe it’s just me. lol The fact of the matter is, even though I’m single at the moment… I know that God has something special in store for me. I admire […]

After Donald Trump won the presidential election, there have been nationwide riots & demonstrations. I literally had to comfort my 7 yr old who was CRYING. She said “Daddy, the new President doesn’t like us”. As a parent, you never think Plies would be the person to listen to. But Mr. Sweet Pwusyy Satday actually had a great […]

If you can’t say anything good about someone, at least have the decency to speak the truth. The rest is up to God.

It threw me for a curve ball when I saw a commercial for a Daytime Talk Show hosted by 4 men. And not just 4 men… but 4 men of color! It’s rare to see that, because usually that time slot is run by women. Now, I admit…. I thought “The Preachers” on Fox was […]

Fantasia was preaching on her Facebook page recently. I totally agree with everything ‘Tasia was talking bout. I literally just had a conversation on-air with IAm Justified about this very topic. It’s not always about having church in the church house; it’s NECESSARY to bring God with you wherever you go. We are able to […]

Sometimes Gospel covers to Hip-Hop songs can come across as corny, but not in this case. Following the release of “Power,” I Am Justified has joined II Crunk 4 Jesus for something we can appreciate. This just goes to show you that you can use your platform to speak about positive things and still be considered […]

Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Kirk Franklin stopped by 97.9 The Box Studios to talk about his new album “No Religion.” Kirk Franklin explains the challenge between influence and access that Gospel artists face on The Madd Hatta Morning Show. RELATED: [EXCLUSIVE] Kirk Franklin Addresses Plies Look A-Like Rumors & God’s Hotline Bling […]

A town in Alabama may no longer get to sag their jeans or wear fitted skirts–after one official received a sign from God telling him…

THANK YOU RECONCILE for using your voice as a way to get young people to pay attention to what’s going on in the world today. You have a unique way of getting today’s generation excited about music that simultaneously sends out amazing messages. I just found out about you this week, but best believe: I’m a […]

Waddup, it’s Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond) and I am a HUGE fan of Kid Ink! This dude has flow that actually has substance! [Kid Ink Talks Sports, Tattoos & “My Own Lane” Album With Amir Diamond] He knows how to get the club pumpin too, but his newest visual showcases why he’s more than a king…and […]

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Via News92FM.Com Lakewood Church is dealing with a violation of the Ten Commandments after the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Listen to the story (via News92FM’s Martha Martinez) here: READ MORE

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CBSNews.Com is reporting that George Zimmerman’s artwork is for sale on Ebay and it’s current bid is at $100,000. Reports say Zimmerman owes $2.5 Million and only has $144. READ MORE.