If by any chance you tuned into the series finale of HBO’s Girls, you might have been caught off guard by a melanin surprise. Let us catch you up to speed. The lead character of the show, Hannah, played by Lena Dunham, is White. Hannah becomes pregnant by a stoner dude character named Paul-Louis, played […]

A girl went in to get her wisdom teeth pulled.  After the surgery her brothers convinced her there was a Zombie Apocalypse on the ride home.  Of course she was still under the influence of pain killers and believed them.  Check out this hilarious video out below!

At first, I was hesitant about this #LoveYourSELFie event, because I didn’t know what I could bring to the table to an all girl’s conference. What’s interesting is that this was the first time some of the girls heard positive reinforcement from a young black man. Your vision is AMAZING! Thanks for having me. I […]

I'm Me

We are baaaaaaaaack! Ready to kick off our 4th year touring the city!  My I’m Me Tour prepares to kick off our first tour of the school year this coming Tuesday at O’Donnell Middle School in Alief!

Toya Wright has had a pretty rough week following the deaths of her brothers Rudy and Josh, but the reality star is getting all the love she needs from her girls.

Hey! My I’m Me Tour is at Gregory Lincoln Education Center this month! This past Tuesday, the girls learned how to cook a healthy meal using mom’s leftovers and they also had a chance to get in a great workout during our “I’m Fit and Fabulous” session!   Big thanks to Chef Keisha and Personal […]

I'm Me

  My I’m Me Tour is on the move once again! This month we are headed to Gregory-Lincoln Education Center! We cannot wait to connect with the girls as we continue our trend of excellence with workshops covering but not limited to Beauty/style, Health/Fitness, Ettiquette, and Goal Setting! Support and follow @immefoundation on Instagram | Facebook […]

I guess someone was taking a uber and left their phone in a car.  So, what happened after two young ladies found the cell? Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Watch the video below to find out:   https://soundcloud.com/themhms/one-of-our-listeners-revelas-the-orgins-of-the-alief-uber-twerking-video-exclusive https://soundcloud.com/themhms/find-out-what-happened-when-one-of-the-alleged-uber-twerkers-went-back-to-her-teaching-job   https://soundcloud.com/themhms/kiotti-from-979-the-box-explains-how-he-came-across-the-alief-twerkers-video The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:

I'm Me

  My @ImMeFoundation Tour is on the move once again! This month we are headed to Gregory-Lincoln Education Center!

It’s a shame to what our world has come to nowadays. My generation is generally not impressed with people physically, unless they’re showing skin! SMH What ever happened to morals? That’s one of the main reasons Shanice Williams is my pick for Woman Crush Wednesday today. She’s a girl who embodies beauty… with her clothes […]

First Daughter Malia Obama may get to live in a big old White House, but it’s her new internship that makes her the envy of all…