Zoe Saldana is sightless when it comes to seeing people’s race and she has her job to thank for it. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Afro-Latina actress says that her film credits, especially her roles in science fiction films, allows her to artistically transcend race and gender politics. She explained “I love working […]

Alicia Keys has been speaking out against societal norms since she hit the music scene over 16 years ago.

EJ wants people to know not all men who dress in women's clothing want to be women.

President Barack Obama has never been shy about his adoration for First Lady Michelle Obama and expressed more of that loving sentiment in an interview with TIME magazine.

In an interview with TODAY, Matt Lauer asked the I Am Cait star for her thoughts on the costumes, which have already appeared online.

What a great way to end the summer. Caitlyn Jenner has had one hell of a year, and now the former Olympian is making her…

In the fourth episode of "The Carmichael Show," comedian Jerrod Carmichael becomes a Big Brother to a kid who comes out as a transgender.

Cheating is a terrible, terrible thing. And yet and many of us have had a penchant for doing it. Some people believe it’s because we’re…

Meshell Ndegeocello is back with another album, “Comet Come to Me,” and she continues to prove that she doesn’t want to be labeled by anyone’s…

In the event that you’ve done like me and studied ALL of the Beyoncé dvd’s you too are excited for this all new way to study the Queen! We learned of the details via Rutgers University is heading a course that observes Bey’s music and career as a means to delve deeper into sexual politics, […]