This segment of Access Houston welcomes LaMarr “YGee” Williams. YGee heads the Foster Elementary’s PTSA Dads Program. This man is making a difference in his community by being an example of what a active father looks like. We talk about the struggles of these children and parents and the need for community. Our next conversation […]

Father’s Day is all about showing the world how much you really love your dad, or how much you love being one. This Father’s Day,…

After spending a week in New York City for AllStar , I come back home to find that my 8 year old daughter has Snapchat on her phone!  WAIT A MINUTE!! I asked her why she has snapchat and she tells me her friend’s big sister told her about it.  I advised her to delete […]

I love boxing!!! I love my kids!!! This video is the perfect marriage of the two. I know you may not be thrilled with dealing with “baby mama’s”. I deal with the drama myself! I feel you. But still find ways to connect with your kids! They deserve that relationship. Regardless of the ratchetness, be […]

On May 27th my wife and I were blessed to welcome into the world a healthy baby girl. With a the Lil General being a highly active and super-charged 3 year old fueled on Skittles and orange juice it was imperative that my wife have some help during her recovery. Fortunately, I was able to […]


Check out some of the Box Dads we posted for #FatherFridays.  If you want to have your photo considered for Father Fridays just use the hast tag #FatherFridays and we might pick your photo.

Kelly Rowland’s father (who’s 67) told Radar Online: “So many previous years have passed and I’m getting old. I just pray  she comes back into my life before it’s  too late.” According to, Ms. Kelly was planning to meet up with her pops 2 years ago…but it still hasn’t happened yet. READ MORE

Sadly the concept of a deadbeat dad is nothing new. There are countless men who father children, only to ignore their lives and continue on…

via: 1. Myth: Only women can get breast cancer. Reality: Dads, husbands, and brothers can develop breast cancer, too, but it’s far less common in men than it is in women. Every year, about 2,000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, compared with about 200,000 women. Read More