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Sadly the concept of a deadbeat dad is nothing new. There are countless men who father children, only to ignore their lives and continue on their own, often making more babies with various other women. Child support payments go unpaid, visits become less frequent and children often become afterthoughts.

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For this trend to bleed into the camera-flashing world of celebrity from the land of the average Joe, we’re often left perplexed as to why fathers chose to neglect or worse, disown their kids? With 50 Cent recently joining the list of deadbeat celebrity dads because of his text rant to his son, Marquis, we decided to update it for you.

Check out this list of celebrity dads who have a sordid relationship with their kids.

1. 50 Cent

We were disgusted when the texts between 50 and his son hit the internet. 50 disowned his son and even took the time to rework his will, excluding his 16-year-old son.

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