Hey there! It’s JJ. Ya know YouTube is rumored to be offering paid subscriptions by the end of the year. With these subscriptions, it would cost about $10 a month an will remove to advertisements at the beginning of the videos.  I’m not a big fan of commercials as I PREFER to DVR my favorite shows so I can skip the advertisements […]

I was watching my daytime talk shows and happened to see Kevin Ross and his piano glide across the screen in that new Glade commercial! I interviewed him earlier this year and knew that he is destined for great things that other artists aren’t album to accomplish. RELATED: GET TO KNOW MOTOWN’S OWN: @KEVINROSSMUSIC! [EXCLUSIVE] […]

Radio-One is filled with some mega-superstars! If you’ve ever visited 97.9 The Box’s studio’s, odds are you have probably run into Model/Actress/Entertainer: @SanericaD. WHAT YOU MAY KNOW: She is the smile that greets our listeners and guests when they walk through our glass doors, but WHAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW: She’s also a host of many […]

The Houston Texans didn’t make it to this year’s big game, but our city still has 2 awesome reasons to root for the teams that WILL be competing this Sunday. Russell Okung (@BDR76) graduated with me in 2006 from Bush High School and he’s now the left offensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks! So when […]

Mobile phone companies are pushing the content in their commercials into some increasingly sexually suggestive territory. Earlier this year Samsung scored a win with their…

Lil Wayne now has all of his Martians “doing the Dew” and Nicki Minaj has recently joined a long list of rappers who have stacked…

Another Super Bowl is logged in the record books and while none of them made me laugh as hard as last year’s “Keep Your Hands Off My Mama” spot by Doritos, these weren’t half bad. Here are our favorite $1million spots from Super Bowl XLV. 1. Volkswagen Passat, “The Force” A little boy dressed as […]

The 2010 NFL season was just as interesting after the games were over thanks to Nick Javis “Rhyme Reels.” The weekly rapped recaps of every football game became so popular that ESPN eventually took notice.  While Nick’s lyrical dexterity and football knowledge (he played ball at Rutgers) deserve a lot of praise, that infectious beat […]

Beyonce and L’Oreal are surely teasing us with all their promos. Here, she is representing the month of August in L’Oreal Paris 2011 calendar. And below, she stars in the cosmetic giants’ latest commercial for their Feria hair color line. See more of her L’Oreal work by clicking the links: Beyonce’s New L’Oreal Lipstick “Colour […]

Drake, Trey Songz and Pitbull are the latest celebrities to star in Kodak campaign commercials. As previously reported, the trio will be featured in print, television and online ads for “SO KODAK” promoting the $200 Easyshare M590 camera that can instantaneously send photos to Twitter and Facebook. The latest commercials from the three celebs have landed online […]

Check out my Top 10 SuperBowl commercials from yesterday! What were your favs?