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Snickers — Betty White

Any commercial with Betty White and Abe Vigoda is a winner in our book no matter what it’s about. In this case, the spunky Golden Girl is playing pickup football with the guys, though she’s struggling. “Man, you’ve been riding me all day,” she says before eating a Snickers bar that not only transforms her into a regular guy but also raises Vigoda from the dead. What, “Fish” is still alive? Twenty-eight years after People Magazine erroneously reported his demise, the answer is yes! — JG

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Coca Cola — The Simpsons

The Simpson and Coke. Perfect together. Who wouldn’t like to see Monty Burns lose all his money? But the goodness of Coke makes for feel-good ending for all. Big props for a Spider-pig cameo on the swings. — SW

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Hyundai — Brett Favre

OK, Hyundai’s commercials are getting better (with as many as they’re running, the odds are at least ONE had to be good). As much as we’re all getting sick of Brett Favre’s indecision every year, obviously he has a sense of humor about. I thought it was funny when he was saying most of the fans are younger than him, and that was before I noticed it was the 2020 MVP award he was winning. I thought he was talking about the current season. Because he’s already old. — SW

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TruTV — Punxatawney Polamalu

Punxsutawney Polamalu. Awesome. So much better than a commercial about his hair. Let’s see PETA complain about THIS one. Unfortunately, there won’t really be six more weeks of football. — SW

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FloTV — Spineless man

We all know this spineless male. Some of us know him all too well. Yeah, watching TV on a little screen can save some male dignity. But good luck getting your girlfriend to allow that. — SW

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Bud Light — Stranded on an island

Passengers from an airplane crash are moping around on a desert island until the beverage cart full of Bud Lights washes up on shore. That’s when the party begins! Maybe the pilot had a few too many before he crashed the plane — who knows? But the commercial proves that Homer Simpson was right: Beer truly is the cause of — and solution to — all of life’s problems. — JG

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Bud Light — Voice box

When the girl returns from the store with the Bud Light, her guy breaks into a little voice box, and starts calling his buddies to let them know it’s party time. A chorus of voice box singing ensues. This is an installment in the brand’s “Here We Go” theme, but I’m not quite sure where we’re going with it. T-Pain makes a brief cameo here, but he comes off as almost an afterthought. Next. — JM

To watch this ad, click here. — The Griswolds

Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo reprise their roles as quirky parents from the classic “Vacation” movies, except this time they’re exasperated travelers getting screwed by extra hotel charges. The solution, says the ad, is to rent a house. It’s a pretty good spot, but we were hoping Christie Brinkley would make an appearance at the hotel pool. This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy! — JG

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Google — French love story

Really clever commercial showing only the Google searches of a traveler in Paris as he tries to find the Louvre, then a cafe, then woos a French woman, then finds a job in France, then gets instructions on how to assemble a crib for their child. It shows how Google can help create a happy life instead of being used just for finding naked pictures of celebrities. — JG

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Audi — Green police

Funny. Sure, we all need to be more environmentally conscious. But it’s always funny when stuff like that is taken to the extreme. If a car could allow you to go around real police checkpoints like the one in the commercial, it’d be well worth it. Until that day, I’ll try to avoid a ticket for recycling. — SW

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