Paterson, New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap pled guilty Wednesday to several driving offenses — including having tinted windows that were too dark — and left court flashing stacks of cash after paying a small fine. But it just wasn’t a small stack, it was $165,000, according to Mr. Wap. Police pulled over “Trap Queen” rapper, whose real […]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the “Million Dollar Man” in Hollywood. The Rock more than doubled his 2015 earnings with $64.5 million.  The former wrestler’s millions came from upfront fees for movies including Central Intelligence and Fast 8 (staple of the Fast and Furious franchise) as well as the forthcoming Baywatch in which he’s set […]

(Undated)  —  A man in China recently woke up from a year-long coma after nurses waved cash under his nose.  According to the “Daily Mirror,” the patient passed out back in August 2013 after supposedly staying up for a week straight researching business ideas in an Internet cafe.  Doctors say his family told him he […]

The Ice Bucket Challenge, has become a pop culture phenomenon.  Celebrities, politicians, athletes, your momma, daddy, auntie, uncle, grandmother, grandfather and the neighbors next door are pouring ice water over their heads and nominating other participants who have 24 hours to do that or donate to the ALS Association in the U.S. The origins of the idea of dumping […]

The world’s leading streetball brand to visit major cities throughout the country, taking on the top local players at each tour stop; the best player…

An exotic dancer from Treasures night club who goes by the name of Nomi is getting sued for $3000 including Harry Potter CD’s, a lap top and cash by one of her customers. Where I’m from that’s called tricking off your dough. Here is Ms. Nomi explaining her side of the story. Follow @RobGTheGeneral !

What did a janitor find in a toilet stall three years ago? He found close to $100,00. Chamindu Amarsinghe found the stash, in denominations of $50 and $100, stuffed in a toilet’s sanitary bin in a TV company bathroom. It happened in Sydney, Australia, in August 2011. Amarsinghe thought it was a joke but after […]

Check out the remix to the hit single “Snapbacks & Tattoos” by Hip Hop 4 HIV Awareness Concert artist Driicky Graham! The remix finds Mr. Graham teaming up with Roscoe Dash, Ca$h Out, and French Montana to provide an all-star remix to the smash record.      

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Via CNN.Com Experts say that by the year 2020, we may be using our cellular devices to pay for just about everything. With the rise of mobile applications and new devices that allow users to swipe credit cards from their smartphones, its believed that cash will be almost non-existent by the end of the next […]

A federal jury has convicted a man who stole mail and set up fake identities. Reports indicate that Hassan Ali Pejouhesh was convicted by a…

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via: The Mega Millions jackpot, the biggest lottery award in the game’s history at an estimated $500 million, has millions of people dreaming, however ridiculous the odds may be. The odds of getting struck by lightning are about one in 280,000, according to the National Lightning Safety Institute. The odds of winning the Mega […]