We caught up with the creators of BAE, who revealed their inspiration behind creating the Black dating app.

One of Chick-Fil-A’s managers clearly has no chill, bruh. This manager made a list of forbidden words that employees are banned from using on the job. A few of the words that are off limits included on fleek, bae, and even the word childish. Somebody seems a little salty…boy bye! Check out the full list […]

Instagram is like social media’s “Hollywood”. You can literally make it out of nowhere. Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Last year some of the stars to emerge were Houston’s own King Keraun, DC Young Fly, & 2 Real MacDatFee. It’s like watching reality tv 15 seconds at a time. I […]


Of course this is happening. After decades of jacking our culture and slang, Time Magazine has decided they’ve had enough. We will agree with Time on…


This is so funny! Check out this monkey trying his hardest to wake up the cat to play!  I couldn’t help but think about when guys are trying to get it and ladies are like “Naw Boo…I’m Sleepy” LOL!!