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Of course this is happening. After decades of jacking our culture and slang, Time Magazine has decided they’ve had enough.

We will agree with Time on something; a few of these words should be banned. I’ll admit that if I hear basic ever again in life, I’m going to scream but feminist, bossy, and yaaasssss? Nah. You’re not going to take that from me.

Ever since Beyonce boldly declared she was a feminist and all awesome black girls agreed, trolls have made it their goal to tear down every feminist-related anything. Kelis made us feel bossy in 2006 and southern rap got all of us turnt up.  Is that why y’all mad?

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The entire list reads as follows:






I can’t even




om nom nom nom (who even says that)


said no one ever

sorry not sorry



From everyday words like disrupt to the ridiculous (omnom nom nom?), a few of the words have no reason to be on a banned word list. While the main focus of the backlash on this list has been on the banishment of feminist, please understand that this list consists of nearly 85% black lingo. Most of the words on this list are only words that you’ll only pick up from our culture through our music or on Twitter. It’s their way of saying “We recognize that you guys are trendsetters but we are sick of y’all.”

But we’re not standing for it. Not only will continue to yaaassssss during Scandal, get turnt up in the club on weekends, call our men bae but we will also proudly identify as feminist anytime we feel like it.


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