At first, I was hesitant about this #LoveYourSELFie event, because I didn’t know what I could bring to the table to an all girl’s conference. What’s interesting is that this was the first time some of the girls heard positive reinforcement from a young black man. Your vision is AMAZING! Thanks for having me. I […]

Large breasts, if you have them you know it can be like carrying a small child on your chest. So as the weather gets warmer, and the clothing gets skimpier, we want to be able to help you make it through the summer.

Ghost has always been known as the Wu Tang Clan member with the most bravado and humor, and the best part is that he's being 100 percent himself.

Serena Williams is one of the most powerful women in the world, which means she barely has any free time. That would explain why the tennis champ has no idea about the concept of "Netflix & Chill."

Amber Rose is trending on Twitter for some comments she recently made in TIME Magazine.

While at a town hall on College Access and Affordability, Obama told Des Moines, Iowa students about college tips he's given to Malia.

Hey ladies @jjonthemic here with @snglmomsrock! I received a letter from a concerned mom and I can certainly relate to her on so many levels! I daily think to myself “If only I had a husband to help me ..or a nanny or a maid” Read what she said below and leave your helpful comments! […]

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    Hey guys @jjonthemic here, I’m so glad to hear from my fellow single mom who wrote in to @snglmomsrock to ask advice on dating. Check out what I hope helps single mommies wanting to date!

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  Hey guys @jjonthemic here! While I’m on vacation i wanted to remind you that the official launch is coming soon!!! I’m a single mother and I know that the STRUGGLE IS REAL! Raising a child, working, being an entrepreneur and that “dating” thing can be a little challenging! Well, we provide high quality content, […]

Father’s day is Sunday and it caused us at the Madd Hatta Morning Show to reflect on what is the best advice you ever received from dad. My dad always told me “don’t sleep with anyone that you wouldn’t want to have a baby with.” It always stuck with me. That’s why I was pretty […]