Well the Super Bowl is over and now its time to ramp up the NFL’s second season. The off-season. Where hope, speculation, anticipation and rumors abound. Will we sign this super star free agent? Will we lose this beloved player? Who will we draft to help get us to the next level? You gotta love […]

It’s more bad news for Minnesota Viking’s Running Back  Adrian Peterson. After being deactivated For Sundays game against the Patriots, then reinstated Monday after their 37th loss – the team owners have decided, as of this Tuesday to suspend  him for the rest of the season, or until his legal troubles are solved. On top of that Nike has decided to pull […]

Minnesota Viking All-Pro RB Adrian Petersen was indicted over the weekend in Montgomery County, Texas for injury to a child. Petersen allegedly punished his 4-year old son for pushing another one of his kids off of a motorbike video game, by whipping him with a tree branch or “switch”. The Vikings deactivated Petersen from Sunday’s […]