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Travis Scott - Astroworld Festival 2019

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Fortnite’s ambitious “live events” keep getting bigger. There was the time you could play as Thanos, complete with an infinity gauntlet, or when a black hole swallowed up an entire island. However, gamers noticed that Travis Scott‘s upcoming concert inside the game was coming, just by watching the stage being built out over the course of days near Sweaty Sands Beach. In fact, it looked similar to Astroworldfest with gold mini Travis Scott heads surrounding a black stage hovering on top of the water.

Epic, Fortnite’s developer knew they had something when they secured Scott for the virtual concert. What they didn’t realize was that over 12 million gamers would catch his 10-minute set and shatter all kinds of records.

With “Sicko Mode” being his opening track, the virtual Scott descended from the heavens like a comment, crash landing in the game like an absolute giant as various gamers relived one of his most infamous on-stage GIFs in real-time.

The game changed as the songs did. “Highest In The Room” brought out what looked like a throwback to Tron and gamers being submerged underwater along with a giant spaceman. There were rollercoasters, psychedelic effects, the entire world seemingly on fire, and the crowd floating all-around at different points.

The good thing for gamers (and fans)? This is going to be a whole mini-tour as Scott’s theatrical live show in real life has now turned into an even bigger spectacle within Fornite. There are five concerts slated to happen within the game and there’s no telling if the set is going to change or not. In the meantime, wild out with Travis and realize that only he could take a wild idea and make it 10x bigger.

Plus, fans (more than the reported 12 million in attendance) got a glimpse of a brand new song Travis dropped with Kid Cudi simply called “The Scotts” as well as new merch such as an action figure (Trav’s first since Rodeo), jerseys and a Nerf gun.

Watch the full concert below.

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