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The Turkey Leg Hut

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Residents who live near the popular Turkey Leg Hut are suing the restaurant – for reasons that they say affect their health.

According to the resident’s lawyers, the City of Houston has allegedly ignored complaints about “noxious smoke which engulfs their homes and jeopardizes public health and safety on multiple levels.” In short, the lawsuit claims that TLH is a “public health risk”

The lawsuit says that air monitoring that was performed near the restaurant happened to reveal high levels of air pollutants that present health risks. Residents were able to secure a temporary restraining order to stop all outdoor food preparation and commercial smokers at the establishment between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. The suit states that TLH has violated a host of multiple ordinances and has put the public, patrons, and employees at risk.

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A statement from the release says: “Unlike a neighbor who occasionally holds a backyard barbecue – or even comparable restaurants anywhere else in Houston – the Turkey Leg Hut is a veritable unregulated and unenclosed illegal outdoor meat smoking factory.”

The Turkey Leg Hut released a statement to news outlets saying, “At this time this is a pending legal matter, and we are not able to comment. We are aware of the allegations against the Turkey Leg Hut and have been cooperative with the city of Houston and the associated departments.

“We will continue to rigorously defend all allegations made against us as we always work hard to have a safe and healthy environment for our community and patrons.” 

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