turkey leg hut

Opened since 2016, the popular Third Ward restaurant has become a destination for tourists and celebs alike.

The lawsuit a group of Third Ward residents levied against The Turkey Leg Hut last month has been dropped. “We agreed to temporarily suspend, or ‘non-suit without prejudice,’ the litigation to give the Turkey Leg Hut owners one last chance to get in compliance with the law and finally become good neighbors,” Cris Feldman, the […]

In a press conference on Friday, the owners of the popular Third Ward eatery the Turkey Leg Hut along with their counsel responded to a lawsuit levied against them by a few Third Ward residents claiming that the restaurant was a “public health risk”. “At the Museum Super Parks Neighborhood meeting held just last week, a […]

Residents who live near the popular Turkey Leg Hut are suing the restaurant – for reasons that they say affect their health. According to the resident’s lawyers, the City of Houston has allegedly ignored complaints about “noxious smoke which engulfs their homes and jeopardizes public health and safety on multiple levels.” In short, the lawsuit claims that […]

Turkey Leg Hut has been the talk of the town country. People all across the world have been ranting and raving about this restaurant that’s become a Houston staple. You can even catch big time celebrities talking about how great the food and service is in random interviews and/or on social media.  Owners Lynn and […]

If you’ve spent time on Almeda anytime within the last year and some change, then you’ve seen the popularity of The Turkey Leg Hut boom. Since 2017, the popular location has turned into a tourist attraction that has landed on numerous year-end and best of lists. Snoop Dogg has endorsed it, same for Kevin Hart and a number of other […]