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Rod Wave

Source: Leon Prevost / Radio One Digital

We steady going up!

Rod Wave broke through with his “Popular Loner” track as well as his Ghetto Gospel album that is crazy. Girls singing his songs, people connecting with the pain and honesty in his music, so we had to bring bro in. The soft-spoken Rod broke it down on how he feels his soul ain’t even meant for this generation and how music was the only thing he truly was good at. Not hustling on the streets, nothing but music. Two years ago he was trying to make things shake in his native Florida in high school and now at 20? He has an album executive produced by somebody who knows his story better than anybody – Kevin Gates.

Watch our exclusive conversation where Rod reveals to me his future plans for making movies like Paid In Full, why heartbreak from your partners is probably MORE devastating than a girlfriend or significant other and more. Oh yeah, it gets real.