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Eric Bellinger

Source: Leon Prevost / Radio One Digital

Eric Bellinger is back!

Whenever Eric’s in town, we reminisce a little on journeys and making it from Los Angeles to the world. With his Saved By The Bellinger project out now, the singer details his favorite record from the project (“Tapped In”,) how there’s a Cuffing Season tour on the way, the power of God’s timing, what failure taught him and more.

“If you’re walking in alignment, you will receive your blessings. That’s the best way to receive your blessings by being aligned,” Bellinger says. “I’m finna keep running my race because, in my race, I’ll find my blessing. Same with Mario Kart, you had to go pick up them coins. I’m right here picking up my blessings.”

Watch our full convo below, plus Eric gives his thoughts on Lakers vs. Clippers in LA and revisit our convo with Kiotti about love, relationships and more right here!

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