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Bigg Fatts Fattsy Food Truck

Source: Bigg Fatts / Bigg Fatts

Bigg Fatts is easily one of the best pure rappers in Houston. We’re talking wordplay, creativity, punchlines, the works. On Memoirs Of The Kitchen Staff, Fatts brought it for over 40 minutes with Mo. City producer PugTunes, building off of thoughts and records and sketches he had in his head. The latest tape achieves even more than that.

This is beyond Jutland Road flows. It’s reuniting Rob Gullatte and Delorean for “Big 3,” for the former OneHunnidt turned Hunnidt Waze to jump on “Matrix”. For perpetually underrated Bleeda to go from Braeswood to the world on “Westworld,” and for Briargate’s BuddieRoe to have a show stealing turn on “Subdivision.” Whoever laid a verse on Kitchen Staff, at least two people got a chance to put in an order for seconds.

Hear the full Fatty’s Food Truck tape below.

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