Bigg Fatts is easily one of the best pure rappers in Houston. We’re talking wordplay, creativity, punchlines, the works. On Memoirs Of The Kitchen Staff, Fatts brought it for over 40 minutes with Mo. City producer PugTunes, building off of thoughts and records and sketches he had in his head. The latest tape achieves even more than […]

DeLorean waited eleven months for the accolades and success to come from his Nights At The International Ballroom tape before dropping another one. And if you’ve been paying attention to DeLo then you know Small Goals was in the works before he went to the ballroom. RELATED: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: DeLorean Talks The Power Of ‘Nights […]

DeLorean’s 2017 ended in a rather interesting way. The Mo. City rapper dropped his Nights At The International Ballroom album with producer PugTunes, crafted a viral challenge based on a Box staple and more. He spent time at the station to discuss his story, hard work, the album, J Mac’s teasing, the Roll Call Challenge and more.

I despise the fact that we live in a world where all people seem to care about is drugs, violence and strip clubs. It’s dope af to me to see cats like Donnie B. Good & Delorean going against the grain to rap about pursuing dreams and embodying self-confidence. I challenge more rap artists to use […]

MAN!!! I love this remix to Drake’s 0-100 so much; It’s by 3 of Houston’s all-stars: Slim Thug, Delorean & Doughbeezy. ‘Beezy (aka The South East Beast) has my vote for the best part on this freestyle. His flow got more progressive as he went on; he literally started his verse at zero…and ended at […]


Check out the H-Town remix to Drake’s “0 to 100” by Slim Thug, Delorean & Doughbeezy here:

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Last night was another successful installment of #979TheConcert. Quinn, MC Bezzy, Delorean, StunnaBam, Doughbeezy, Fat Pimp, Senze Headliner Somo and a few special guest hit the stage!  Check out photos and  backstage pics above!

OneHunnidt is making a name for himself by sticking to his brand of ‘Keeping it 100’ so to speak. This Houston Press Award Winning Artist gathered almost every dope artist in Houston to submit their feelings on a track that discusses the topic of what happens once one’s success starts to outshine others. Listen to […]

    The homey Delorean is having a busy year. “Grace” dropped earlier this year. Few weeks ago, he was on BET’s Backroom. Today he popped on on MTV’s “Just Added” section. Rumble young man, Rumble. Check out “Sing On Key”.  (@iamdelorean on Twitter)       Follow Us On Instagram!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow […]

    In our street culture, time can turn young students into “O.G’s”. I’ve become somewhat of an “O.G” because I’ve stayed active in this Houston rap community. So many of my “classmates” have become “drop-outs”. DeLorean isn’t one of those guys. He’s like the valedictorian in this Houston rap scene. No short cuts. No […]