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Source: Delorean / Delorean

Build it with your hands, they can’t tear it down from you.

Delorean has been a Ghetto Boy who has given the world Hood Politics three times over, made certain the world knew about Small Goals and kept it to the center of his universe. A decade ago, he was cutting up freestyles and anticipating shaking up the world with the same determined grit and demeanor as some of his rap heroes. A decade in, he’s found a compatriot in Pug Tunes who can whip up a landscape that is akin to planting a seed and watching it sprout into a world of slabs, hard work and beauty.

Lord, Block Me From The Cold is Delo’s version of a birthday tape. It’s lean, it defines what is and what isn’t cool in his world and the anguish in his voice is evident. He isn’t rapping for the sake of rapping, not a single syllable that leaves his body is to be wasted. If he’s dreaming of bigger, it’s because certain things to him are gangsta. Not killing people, but protecting people. Providing, not taking.

One of the standout tracks from the project is “Tonka Truck Mercedes” with Slim Thug. Pug Tunes clears up the sample to ride in a similar lane as TLC’s “Diggin On You” flip that Jay-Z handled for “Hovi Baby.” Dumbing down the flow to the point its stepped on, Delo outlines what keeps a friendship solid to him, “Hang around the people who never brought up money.”  Plus, Slim on soul samples is undefeated as evident from his Thug Life album from earlier this year.

Press play on “Tonka Truck Mercedes” below, give a new definition to the big body Benz and stream Lord, Block Me From The Cold on your preferred streaming platform whether it be Apple Music, Tidal or Spotify.