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How many of you Yogis have taken part in the latest Instagram craze the Alien Yoga?
Alien Yoga is when you do a strange contortion with your stomach while hunched over a bit while doing motions.
The yoga move has been dubbed the Alien since your torso looks a bit extraterrestrial when you’re doing it, but the technical term is Nauli. This old, but new move is supposed to cleanse out your digestive system and strengthen your core with the movement you do with your abdomen.
According to, the movement considered challenging, but it can be easily learned by anyone who wants to try. really does encourage someone to learn from a skilled yoga teacher instead of self-teaching.
Nauli cleanses the internal organs and tones the abdominal region via a side-to-side rolling motion of the abdominal muscles,” the website said.
There are four moves to achieve when doing Naui and your first step to master is called, “Uddiyana bandha.” This movie is where you cleanse out your lungs and pull your abdomen under your ribs.
The second steps are Madhyana Nauli, Vama Nauli and Daksina Nauli. These are moves that “isolate and contract the central, left and right side” of your abdominal muscles.
The “Alien Yoga” makes for stronger abs and a better working digestive and it can correct your hormonal imbalances too. Check out Instagram for #AlienYoga
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