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Angela Arrests Ghost


Remember Ghost’s fingerprints that Angela found? Well she used them and she shows up to Truth arrest our guy Ghost. Damn he can’t catch a break at all.


Angela pins the murder of Greg on Ghost not knowing her boss Mike is behind the whole thing. The arrest causes a big scene throughout the club as everyone watches the prominent nightclub owner get read his rights and escorted out his club in cuffs. Even Karen, her boo Dre (anyone else confused about that?) and her dad watch in disbelief.


Poor Ghost, all he wanted to do is get out the drug game, settle down with Angela and provide for his family with clean money. What he got instead accused of murder by his ex Angela and subjected to an impromptu perp walk at his own nightclub.


What a way to end the season, but we still have two questions?

  1. What the hell happened to Keisha?
  2. What exactly did Milan know about Karen that he was trying to reveal to Ghost?

Guess we will have to find out in season 4 of Power next summer😦. Of course it has been a blast this season talking all things Power with you guys and we look forward to you guys to continue to rock with us your source for all things Power next year!

Stay Fly!


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