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Riq Gets Kidnapped For Ransom


After learning that Riq is basically the son of a very rich man Jukebox presents the idea that not only should they kill Riq but they should also request a king’s ransom for the boy.

It would seem Kanan has taken a liking to the young man being that he a put a few bullets in his own son and is looking to fill in it that void with Riq. Jukebox isn’t here for it though and tells Kanan that he needs to take care of Riq that way he can hurt Ghost in the heart and in the pockets.

That conversation is going on while Riq is in the living room playing video games sipping on his new favorite beverage Texas Tea (lean). Riq notices that this batch of tea is a bit stronger than last and it has him feeling a bit strange and he passes out.


Jukebox calls Kanan into the room so they can take that signature ransom photo and send it to his mother Tasha.


Poor Tasha is gonna have a lot of things to worry about and Riq isn’t the only problem we will get to the other one later. Riq’s lashing out will cost his family a lot of money and bring them some very much not needed stress.


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