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Greg Discovers Mike Is The Leak/ Mike Kills Greg


Eager to share his discovery Greg calls Mike over to his apartment to discuss his findings. Over a couple of cold ones Greg tells Mike what he has learned and that Angela is the leak. Of course that makes Mike feel a whole lot better knowing that Greg can possibly help get the heat off him. The situation changes quickly when Greg receives a phone call from the federalis.

Earlier in the episode Greg called to verify a tip the Mike received from the federalis about Lobos. Greg learns that the person Mike named as the agent that he received the tip from has been dead for a year.

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Welp that totally changes the conversation now. Greg then starts playing back every moment with Mike in his head and it all starts to make sense. Greg immediately questions Mike and calls him out on his bull you know what. He tells Mike that he is going to have to arrest him and that’s where Mike pulls out a silenced hand gun on him.


Mike is determined not to go to jail and still tries to convince Greg that they should still pin everything on Angela and put Ghost and Tommy in jail. Greg would love nothing better than to do that but he knows right now that Mike is the guy that has to be dealt with. Greg convinces Mike to put the gun down for a second. He then tries to reach for the weapon and this happens:


Ladies and gentlemen GREG IS DEAD! Mike takes the opportunity to plant the burner phone he used to communicate with Lobos on Greg so it would look like he was the leak. Now we didn’t like Greg and we wanted to see him go but not like this BUT beggars can’t be choosers. So BYE BYE GREG!

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