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Riq Gets In Even Deeper/ Jukebox Is Back


Lord have mercy this boy Riq has become so annoying in record time. Riq continues to rebel against his parents mainly his dad by hangng out with Slim A.K.A Kanan. Kanan hands a Riq a package, Riq asks Kanan  we mean Slim what’s in it and Slim decidesthat Riq isn’t ready. Ohhhhh that peer pressure is strong when it comes to these young teens. Riq immediately “man ups” and tells Slim he can handle the task and deliver the package to “Ray Ray”.


Riq takes the package and meets with Ray Ray in the alleyway. The package turns out to be a gun, Ray Ray takes the gun and is pleased at the moment. Thing’s totally switch up when Ray Ray reveals himself to be an undercover cop and throws Riq up against the wall arresting him. Immediately it looks like Kanan set up Ghost’s son as his way of getting back at him.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Ray Ray takes Riq back to a squad car and throws him in the back seat. To our surprise guess who is sitting in the driver’s seat?

Power Season 3

Yup our favorite crooked cop Jukebox is back! Jukebox applies the pressure to Riq trying to get him to spill the beans on who gave him the gun. Riq doesn’t say a word, after an intense grilling the passenger door opens and in comes Kanan. He reveals that this whole situation was just a test to see how Riq would hold up and he passed with flying colors.

Riq was like:


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