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Tommy and Ghost Take Out Milan


Milan has been a thorn in the side of Ghost all season long! Milan was looking to take out Ghost the minute he signed the deal with Karen to expand the nightclubs. We learned last episode that Tommy took upon himself to devise a plan to take out Milan. The minute he announced that Ghost we all were like:


Tommy coming up with plans? How is that going to work out ? Well we find out that it worked out surprisingly well. On the night of the big black tie gala at Truth, Tommy and Ghost execute the plan to take out the Serbian cannibal drug lord flawlessly. Of course they got some help, Dre went back to the old hood and got his boys to help him take care of the security. Ghost main focus was Milan and even Tasha got in on the act making sure Milan’s boo doesn’t try any funny business.


When Tasha came rolled up on home girl with that gun we were like:

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With all of Milan’s henchmen out-of-the-way and his main guy taken care of thanks to Tommy it’s time to take care of Milan. Ghost and Tommy take Milan back to the warehouse for his final resting place.

Power Season 3

Unlike their last assassination attempt with Lobos this one went off smoothly and with no mess ups. Of course there was some banter between them but they eventually ended up filling Milan with bullets.


Milan is officially dead and Ghost can officially get out of the game but he has no idea his world is about to turned upside down. Tommy is officially the new kingpin and he has a new crew with guys that defected from Milan’s rule. We are left with one nugget though, it appears that Tommy is still going to sell drugs in Truth under Ghost’s nose. We are gonna have to see how that turns out next season.

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