WCW: Thank You Serena Williams Have Mercy Lawd [PHOTOS]
Serena Williams Signature Statement by HSN - Front Row - Spring 2016 Style360
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Many dance crazes come and go but it seems like Twerking is the one dance that refuses to die.

As long there’s a booty that can drop low…there seems to be a person that will try to Twerk theirs.

And as long as Serena Williams is still twerking, I know it won’t go out of style no time soon

SELF Magazine’s September cover star shows off the tennis champ giving a tutorial on how to get your proper twerk in an exclusive video they posted Tuesday.

Williams covers what she calls the “transitioner,” the “basic shake” and gets down to the main booty-quaking move.

She’s taught twerking before, so perhaps this a life’s calling. We’re sure there will be plenty of attentive students.

Everyone does twerking,” Williams says in the new video. “Everyone at some point should do a twerk.”

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