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If you’ve worked in an office, I’m sure that you’ve had something that you brought from home and put in the work fridge and later find out that someone helped themselves to your item.
And I’m also sure that most people know exactly what I’m talking because they’re that person who steals your stuff without asking or repaying you back.
Maybe someone will double think their gross actions after reading what this lady did at her job.

She remains nameless, but this lady realized that someone was helping themselves to her coffee creamier and she just had enough of their greediness so she sought out a sweet revenge.
After a few days passed, the lady left a note on her creamer and it read:
“Good Morning. To Whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week… Surprise!!

You’ve been drinking my breast milk. Hope you’ve enjoyed- cheers!”
She signed the note as “B” and that;s it. 
She had a little footnote too, she said, “P.S. It’s organic so no worries. :)”
The picture was posted on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page and since it’s posting it’s received over 18 thousand likes, over 12,699 shares with 1.3k comments on it.
Here are some funny comments:
Bridget Zinkiewicz I would find out who it was and charge them for the great nutritional supplement they got for free! Bet they felt great that week and didn’t know why! Lol
Krystal Marie Lentzmeyer Ha! That’s funny. I actually started doing the opposite at work- I put my creamer in breastmilk bottles and nobody touches it. I sure do get some funny looks when I put it in my coffee ; -)
Claudia Amézquita my sister had the same problem at her job, she would ask “okay who ate my lunch?” and no one would say anything….one day…she “sprinkled” her food with eye drops…. ha ha ha ha….it gave the crook DIARRHEA!!! she quickly “sniffed” the food snatcher…ha ha hah…the best
Chelsie Louise Jenner If I run out of milk or creamer I use breastmilk. It’s seriously the best coffee creamer
So, what are you stories? Anything as good as this one?

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