EXCLUSIVE: Kamaiyah Defends Kehlani & Beyoncé Being Cheated On By Jay Z

Kamaiyah & Amir Diamond

Source: Amir Diamond / Amir Diamond

It took Kamaiyah a second to warm up to me, but it’s understandable after what she experienced two days prior before sitting down with me.

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It’s gotta be difficult to be upbeat and put on a smile when your brother just died from cancer. The Bay Area’s Kamaiyah spills Lemonade on why Beyoncé isn’t exempt from being cheated on, how Kehlani’s relationship is none of your damn business, and more on Late Night Hype!

The Bay Area has some dope talent coming from that part of the country. I feel like artists from Cali are making music more fun and adding something fresh to radio and the entertainment world. Watch my convo with Ill Yaya here:

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