The podcast game continues to unveil some unknown gems regarding some of the biggest moments in Hip-Hop history. This time we get further context on why two Rap titans were at odds.

The woman who claims Tupac Shakur sexually assaulted her, Ayanna Jackson, is speaking out publicly for the first time since his trial. According to TMZ, Jackson says Tupac told her “he wanted to share her with his friends and persisted to force her into a group sex situation” despite her repeatedly telling him no. She says […]

The weapon that was used to kill  Tupac was found 19 years ago, but no one knows where it is today. In a document dug up by A&E Who Killed Tupac? producers, it’s revealed that a citizen found a .40 Glock in his backyard back in 1998 and reported it to police. Then “in 2000, […]

Today marks 21 years since the death of the legendary Tupac Shakur. Watch the Madd Hatta Morning Show‘s Box Blessing Wednesday from Pac below: Sign Up For Our Newsletter: The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:

A love letter written by Tupac Shakur in prison recently surfaced revealing why Pac dumped the pop icon. According to the letter obtained by TMZ, Tupac Shakur ended his relationship with Madonna because she was white. RELATED: Watch Tupac’s Lost Prison Interview [VIDEO] Tupac writes, “Can u understand that? For you to be seen with a Black […]

Sooo Kendall and Kylie Jenner printed their faces all over vintage Tupac & Biggie shirts… Here’s how Biggie‘s mom responded on Instagram:   Oh and here’s Kendall Jenner’s response on Twitter: The internet acted accordingly and fired the culture vultures up real quick. According to Complex, a lawyer for the Biggie estate sent a cease and desist […]

Tupac Shakur famously said that although he might not change the world, he guaranteed that he would spark the young revolutionaries that would. Sign Up For Our Newsletter: Pac‘s interview at the age of 23 from the Clinton Correction Facility analyzes Tupac‘s take on police brutality, positivity in the community, and the prison system. What […]

Comedian Marlin Wayans, say Tupac wasn’t really a gangsta!  Whattttt!  Check out the interview below?

Tupac’s first starring role was in 1992’s Juice. The 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray/DVD release of Juice will be available on June 6, just in time for your annual ‘Pac celebrations.  Check out this spinet of the of the re-released Juice below!