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One of the top questions that people ask me is whether Kandi Eastman is really my mom. YES!!!! Why would I lie about that? Lol. The truth is: I kept it a secret for the first year that I was on radio, because I wanted people to love or hate me for me. Some of my views are a tad bit different from The Only Kandi Mom Wants Me To Have, so I wanted to make sure people were able to differentiate between the two. I didn’t want to be known as Kandi’s Son; I wanted to build up my own name and reputation first. The only reason why I began to broadcast the fact that I was related to the Sweet Talker is because I wanted to share my experiences about how Breast Cancer has affected my family. Learning that my mom had the disease was by far THE scariest moment of my life. I wanted others to know that they weren’t the only ones going through this. I wanted women to go get their mammograms. I wanted men to encourage their mothers, aunts, daughters and grandparents to take that first step. Early detection is key. My mom is now a Breast Cancer survivor and I am super proud of all of her accomplishments as a parent and career woman. I gotta get on her level ;-) Lol

Black Celebrities Who’ve Fought Breast Cancer
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