I can’t believe it’s been over 10 years since Monica’s “So Gone” dropped. It seemed like it was just yesterday when the hit song came out. I ain’t mad at the fact that it came back either. Now, I ain’t a rapper… but I think I did pretty damn good and a lot better than […]

There’s some pros to working in radio and being 2 doors down from where my mother hosts her midday show. For instance: tonight, I couldn’t find my headphones…so I went to her studio and borrowed hers. After I did my first live talk break, I tripped over the wire and accidentally yanked them out of the […]

I’ll always remember the day my mom Kandi Eastman of Majic 102.1 surprised me and brought the entire UniverSOUL Circus to my school. And I’m not just talmbout the Ringmaster and a couple of contortionists; she even brought an elephant with her!!! After that, I was the coolest kid at Will Rogers Elementary. LOL You […]

One of the top questions that people ask me is whether Kandi Eastman is really my mom. YES!!!! Why would I lie about that? Lol. The truth is: I kept it a secret for the first year that I was on radio, because I wanted people to love or hate me for me. Some of […]

I think every person’s worst nightmare is to end up on TMZ. It looked like my mom saw a ghost when I told her that she was on the popular celebrity gossip site. For a split second, I could see the panic on Ms. Kandi Eastman’s face as she wondered which of her secrets were […]

What’s Up, It’s Amir Diamond and I hope everyone’s doing good. I just wanted to share a story with you that didn’t exactly make it to radio. Last week, I got to experience one of the best show’s on Earth: The UniverSoul Circus! I’ve been before, but this was my first time back in probably […]


Today is the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I always see the athletes with the pink sports paraphernalia. The pink products in the stores. Hear “Susan G Komen” foundation, and briskly pay attention to it. I mean it’s not like it has ever personally affected me. Right??? Today, I can no longer say that. […]