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Amir Diamond RUN HOU

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I understand that some places have dress codes, but I was so offended when a security guard approached me and ordered that I remove my hoody from over my head at The Galleria mall. I think I was more upset that he rushed to me as if it was a life or death situation: “I’m sorry, Sir… but this is a No-Hoody Zone. You have to take that off, but I reeeeeeally like it by the way!” :-/

I didn’t start any trouble, because like I said…I understand that places have dress codes. The only reason why I was wearing it, is because it was cold outside last week, so I honestly totally forgot that I still had it on my head when I walked inside. I have to admit that it did make me feel some type of way though. It’s obvious that the rule targets a specific type of people. Do you think “No-Hoody Zones” minimize crime Should it be against the law to wear one indoors?

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