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My brother and I have two totally different personalities. Friends and family members who know us… can attest that my lil’ brother and I are night and day. During our teenage years (and some of our adult life), there’s been a ton of tension…for what reason? I DON’T KNOW. But recently, we put our differences aside and are learning how to love each other again. One of the best gifts that I received was the one I got over this 4th of July weekend. I ended up having to work on Independence Day and caught a movie with a friend afterwards. On my way home…I remembered that I had no sheets on my mattress and would have to finish the laundry I started earlier that morning in order to get a good night’s rest in a proper bed. Once I set my keys down and dragged my trash into the house, I noticed that my bruh dusted and reorganized my room, dried my sheets and made my bed. I could’ve sworn I was on one of those TV shows where they peel back a curtain and your entire place is pimped out! It’s the little things in life like this that can make a person’s day. It’s never about how much money you spend on somebody; it’s about the time… the effort.. and the moments that will last forever. Thank you bro bro. I Love you!

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