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It’s refreshing to witness an alpha-male like NBA star Kevin Durant showing his emotions and not being afraid to do so! Durant recently spoke to GQ about how every night…before he goes to sleep…he questions whether he’ll be single forever. Honestly, being alone for the remainder of my life is something that runs through my head as well, so it feels good to know that there are other men out there that struggle with those same thoughts.

Another topic that I can relate to is his estranged relationship with his father. It’s interesting to find that the things Durant longed for from his dad had nothing to do with money; all he wanted was time. I feel like a lot of parents who aren’t in their child’s life might feel as though being present is not enough, but that is so far removed from the truth. The most important things that your sons and daughters need are moments that will last forever like inside jokes, playing video games and wrestling (aka the simple life).

Read Kevin Durant’s full interview with GQ Magazine here.

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