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Kid Ink is one of my favorite artists because he remains himself in this world of wack music. From analyzing his music, it seems like Ink is a guy with a lot of tatts that just likes to have fun. I found out about how much of a beast he is from Houston’s own Paul Wall. When The People’s Champ gives someone a co-sign…you listen! I can jam Kid Ink’s first project “My Own Lane” the entire way through without skipping a single track, so I couldn’t wait to hear how his new album “Full Speed” would compare. Read what I thought about it here and then find out what I graded him after my critique.

1. – What It Feels Like – Kid Ink kicked off “Full Speed” like an event. It was very reminiscent of the way he started off his debut album. This intro song was a great way to build anticipation on what listeners would experience for the remainder of the project.

2. – Faster – Ink goes from reasonable to rugged on this one! I guess he wanted to prove to the non-believers that he’s about that life! Lol I like how he’s able to transition and spit with different intensities (depending on the track he’s rapping on).

3. – Dolo – The melodic beat is one that may make somebody catch butterflies…and it doesn’t help that Kid Ink is really spitting game (with the Pied Piper of R&B “R. Kelly” backing him up). You HAVE to bring your A-game when Kelz is featured on your song…and Ink did just that.

4. – Body Language – FOR ONCE…an artist chooses THE PERFECT SONG for their single!! This song appeals to everyone. And it’s crazy how that xylophone-type beat exudes everything that the song is about; it’s very flirty.

5. – Hotel – This song is the reason why I believe Chris Brown and Kid need to do a compilation project together. These two young men make music that I would want to be jamming out to a decade from now. Whenever you team them up, it’s always iconic! Yes, I Said It: ICONIC!

6. – Cool Back – I enjoyed how Ink paints a picture of him being a bad guy…but in a good way. His style and wardrobe and confidence shows in interviews, photos and videos so it wasn’t hard to imagine him talking trash about how he’s just tryna bring cool back. And if that makes him the villain…so be it!

7. – Be Real – This is gonna be the one that seduces the Hip Hop world. Deja Loaf is a hot commodity right now…and she didn’t disappoint. It’s bout time that artists call out all of these fake fools who are acting like they’re King S***, when they are really just FULL Of S***! Lol

8. – Every City We Go – This song has turn up appeal, meaning the beat alone made me turn the volume up and made me want to just ride out and jam this song featuring Migos to “Every City I Go.” It instilled a sense of pride in me that no matter where I go, If I stay true to myself, this moment of fulfillment could last a lifetime.

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9. – Round Here – Here’s another example of Kid Ink thuggin’ it out. I admire his gloomy sides, but this one was just too slow for me. This would be the one song to skip, when I’m jamming out.

10 – About Mine – Trey Songz is bound to make “Bullsh**in'” and “Yours” the two new words of the year. You have to say it in his tone of voice though! Trigger & Kid show us how to playfully talk down on people who SAY they work, but really don’t

11. – Blunted – Not my favorite and that’s only because I don’t smoke, so I can’t relate. Lol If you are high on life…this may be your anthem. STAY BLUNTED!

12. – Like A Hott Boyy – I could do without this song. It didn’t take me anywhere. IDK if Ink did this song, just for a Young Thug feature…but the project would’ve still been dope without it.

13. – Show Must Go On – At first listen, this song was just alright to me. But when we started getting to the hook, I realized that this would be the perfect track for a movie trailer of television show’s theme song!

14. – Diamonds & Gold – I’m sure you know that from the title, I want this song to be the next single lol. My last name’s in it for crying out loud. I might be a little biased, but this is my favorite song off of “Full Speed.”

15. – POV – I liked this one because it showed a different side to Ink. Sometimes he raps around sexual topics, but on this one he went all the way there. He wasn’t afraid to show his dark side…and we all have one!

Final Grade: B+

What would’ve made it an A: I wanted to hear atleast one sad or personal song. I wanted Kid to draw me into something serious he’s experienced since his last album. Something to the effect of “I Just Want It All” or “Feels Good To Be Up” – All in all, good job big homie! I’m proud of everything you got going on. I can’t wait to see you on March 27th at the Bayou Music Center for the Scream Nation Tour! I’m planning on being there. Break a leg! – Diamond

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